Making a list, checking it twice

2 10 2007

I got to visit the lovely San Francisco for the first time this past week. The event was my brother’s wedding. Andy came along and was also in the wedding. He has only met my brother and his now wife a total of three times before this, and one instance was for a funeral. Nevertheless, Jason needed to recruit guys because I think symmetry was important to this wedding. In the end, they still ended up one guy short.

Since I am bestowed with the goodness of wedding planning, I tend to pay a bit more attention to detail. This was also the first wedding that I’ve gotten to participant in since I don’t know when. I also had many people, upon finding out about our engagement, encourage me to take notes. I didn’t expect encouragement necessarily, but I guess – what else do you say?

In the end, I came up with a list, indeed, of things to remember from this wedding:

  • It’s not okay to bash the bridesmaid dresses two days before the wedding. It’s definitely not kosher to do this at the bachelorette party. Sisters especially should not be complaining if they agreed to do so. (This was not me, simply an … observation)
  • Arriving 8 minutes before the ceremony not in your dress may not be the best idea, but things still manage to work out.
  • An impromptu “Trash the Dress” session in a hot tub while wearing a red bridesmaid dress may turn the pool red.
  • Driving a Mustang convertible through a McDonald’s drive thru in wedding gear is awesome. Driving a Mustang convertible on your wedding day is awesome.
  • The shorter the aisle, apparently the slower you walk.
  • A cocktail hour is a fantastic idea (This was the first I had seen, and it played out beautifully)
  • The wedding party dance should be set to faster music.
  • I hope people read (most) of these as tongue-in-cheek. I loved the wedding and spent most of my time having fun, not making a list of things to remember to do. This list consists of things I reflect back on as generally fantastic times.