Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

9 10 2007

If that is really true, why am I the one stressing about not having money?

Today provided me with a moment of hopelessness as I thought about the wedding budget. This was not a good Monday, and financial worries just got the better of me. I sat in my cubicle contemplating if our Save the Dates were really worth the money to send out.

Over dinner, I mention this to Fiance, and he brings me back to earth. His list of reasons to continue with the Save the Dates are

  1. We are getting them pretty cheap. Each postcard is getting printed for 16 cents on any of the papers this printer provides. That plus stamps doesn’t equal too much
  2. The time that I have already invested into making the darn things in InDesign
  3. The time he has spent getting the addresses in order long before we needed to.

Needless to say – we’ll be sending out the Save the Dates. Once we do, I’ll post the final version and some tips on manipulating PDFs 🙂


Wedding Party, mostly check; Date, not checked

19 07 2007

I have asked all of my wedding party, save one, to be a part of my special day.  I’ve put it off for awhile because I wanted to get a date set (and it hasn’t happened, although the month has).  I also hoed and hummed about how many people I wanted to have, how many Andy wanted and trying to figure out a number that worked for both of us without upsetting anybody. That was the hope. So far, it seems to be okay. It is thrilling to hear that people are so excited to be in our wedding! I’m glad I didn’t rush out and ask people, because things have changed, even in a month and a half.  By the way, the final count was 5 on each side.

The reason we don’t have a date set is because our entire month changed from June to April. Since I really want an outdoor wedding (in my parent’s backyard), I wanted to do the end of April. However, every site that we have looked at in the area is either completely booked for the entire weekend of April 26 or is ridiculously expensive for our budget.

I hope to get this reception deal nailed down soon. Oh yeah, and begin my dress shopping 🙂

Wedding or a year of college?

14 06 2007

This article about having a fantasy wedding for cheap mentioned how the average cost of a wedding is skyrocketing towards $30,000, and also closer to the median American income. This got me thinking – would I really want to spend as much as money in one day as I do for an entire year of school where I go to college. For the trappings of one day – absolutely not. I’m fine with a cheaper wedding, some good marriage prep and counseling and being able to afford paying off school and paying rent. Yep, that’s me.