Working on Weddings

6 10 2007

I have a confession to make. I’ve spent a lot of time the last two weeks working on wedding-related business. But almost none of it has been for my wedding.

Last week was a lot of planning and getting things for my Oldest Brother*’s wedding.

I love my best friend (whom I am co-MOHing for) so I usually don’t realize when I spend loads of time working on things for her wedding. It has been all fun stuff. This week, Co-MOH* and I put together and sent out the invites for the bachelorette party. That included me making the back of the invitation in InDesign (maybe after the party I will post it).

Tuesday was some back breaking work to assemble the parts of her wedding invitations that we could. I have a new appreciation for the tissue paper in invitations – its NOT just about tradition after all! 🙂

I was commissioned to create the map insert for the wedding invites, so I’ve probably spent the most time on this project, creating a map and a layout that looks good, and incorporates her themes. It was very satisfying when she loved the first draft of it. C

Creating the map wasn’t always fun. I’m terrible at freehanding art, including straight lines on the computer. But I can trace! Upon finding a neat (and smart!) tutorial on Weddingbee about saving a Google/Yahoo/etc. map of the directions and tracing, I was thrilled. Now the map looks neat, it’s accurate and best of all, the bride loves it!

I used InDesign to layout the two pages, and Illustrator to create the map. Maybe once I get the final version done, I’ll post it, but any DIY instructions came from the Weddingbee article I mentioned, so that is where credit is due.

In my own wedding related news – Graphic Designer Roommate* brought home the book of paper that I can choose from to print our Save the Dates! I’m so excited. We’ll hopefully be sending these out by the end of the month.

*I’ve decided to descriptively name people. Instead of saying my roommate, the graphic designer, he has become Graphic Designer Roommate. 🙂


It’s Just a Dress…?

20 09 2007

I decided to post pictures from our bridesmaid dress blitz. I apologize for the weird angles – we were at David’s Bridal and they don’t allow pictures unless you’re buying the dress and I didn’t think to ask after we basically confirmed the dresses. So instead I would always “help Crysten unzip” while really just taking a picture.

I was surprised by the variety of styles, especially since I don’t like bubble hems all that much. Picture all dresses in a marine blue or a more tropical blue.

Option 1: This one surprised me but I wasn’t blown completely away


Option 2: I always liked this one online and it looked cute but the fabric was not something I wanted to put my bridesmaids in.


Option 3: This is a bubble hem which was adorable, but this was their only blue color and it didn’t really convince me of… blue. Cute though.

(insert a couple that I didn’t even bother to take pictures of)

Option 4: This is it! For the bridesmaids that aren’t Crysten, they will be wearing this. The more pro looking picture is the color they will be in. This dress rocks.


And finally, the maid/matron of honor dress: The top and bottom are separates and I think the ribbon will actually sit at her hips, but it looked so good on her! (On a side note, the colors that she tried on were black and red and she looked saucy!)


And that’s it! I need to introduce the dresses to the girls. I think I might DIY a newsletter-type announcement so I can put all sorts of info in.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for shoes yet. I think it’d be adorable to have the girls get dyed shoes that match Crysten’s ribbon. David’s Bridal had a sign that said free shoe-dying, but I assume that’s only if you buy their shoes.  Their shoes are a bit spendy for a color that might not get worn again. However, if I think a place like Payless Shoes can make a good color match, I might have them do that.

I’m trying to be a good bride and remember that if I’m on a budget, then the rest of the girls might be too.


7 08 2007

I spent some time today trying to come up with a list of wedding-related projects that I’m going to end up doing myself (or with the help of fiance and friends). DIYing partially to save money and partially just to be involved and make the wedding a bit more me-centric. (kidding! to make it more personal and hopefully interesting) This is what I have so far:

  • Save the Dates, in progress
  • Programs
  • Flowers (more or less DIYing)
  • Decorations for ceremony and/or reception
  • Potentially part of the bridesmaid (and other special girls) gifts. I’ve got some thoughts rolling around in my head
  • Favors, if at all possible.
  • Thank You cards, possibly. I would like to design these.
  • Veil, possibly.

Anything else I might be forgetting or that would be easy to DIY? I’m going to have to budget time for all this 🙂

Being productive?

26 07 2007

What do I do when I take the afternoon off to relax? Create a new picture for my blog site!!


11 06 2007

Hello world! As an avid reading of Weddingbee, I wanted chronicle my own wedding planning, marriage preparation experience. So, here it is. I have been engaged for less than a week, I don’t have an official date or location yet, but I’m excited.

The story:

Last Wednesday, I was taking him out to eat when I got done with work, and he with his Master’s classes. He said he had to go to the library first. When we got in there, he brought me over to the children’s reading corner (quick backstory: when we took an undergrad. class together, he had 30 little kids sing happy birthday in this corner months before we started dating), sat me down and pulled out a homemade book. He had written a children-esque story of our story, a friend illustrated it, and he had it bound. So he’s reading, and I’m getting distracted by the pictures and not paying 100% attention, meaning when he gets down on one knee, I’m blown away.

In true “me” fashion, I giggled, he cried and I said yes.