Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

9 10 2007

If that is really true, why am I the one stressing about not having money?

Today provided me with a moment of hopelessness as I thought about the wedding budget. This was not a good Monday, and financial worries just got the better of me. I sat in my cubicle contemplating if our Save the Dates were really worth the money to send out.

Over dinner, I mention this to Fiance, and he brings me back to earth. His list of reasons to continue with the Save the Dates are

  1. We are getting them pretty cheap. Each postcard is getting printed for 16 cents on any of the papers this printer provides. That plus stamps doesn’t equal too much
  2. The time that I have already invested into making the darn things in InDesign
  3. The time he has spent getting the addresses in order long before we needed to.

Needless to say – we’ll be sending out the Save the Dates. Once we do, I’ll post the final version and some tips on manipulating PDFs 🙂


Too close to feel defeated

30 07 2007

I ventured out into the 90+ degree heat today to physically search for a reception site, instead of relying on the internet. I started at a florist/tux rental place to check it out, and it turns out that the owner of the store, whom I went to school with, is getting married in September at a fairly new lodge close by that I had never heard of. It sounded really nice but not quite the caliber or expense of the resorts we had been looking at Inspired, I drove with my mom to check it out.

We came to Whitefish Lodge and Suites, which has an amazing up north, woodsy feel and overlooks a golf course. Their banquet hall seats 300 people, has two dance floors but is otherwise a typical room, nothing special about it. I liked it, and for the first time, it was available for the date I wanted. I also got to see the suites that would be included for the wedding night. I grabbed the information, put a hold on the date and left.

Next we stopped at Deacon’s Lodge, which is mostly golf course, but I thought it’d be a nice location. They seat 100 people at the very most. Scratch that idea.

Last night my parents had told me of a place called Timbermist, which just opened last year I think. I called them up to see if they are available for the date (they are!) and to see what the general set up is like. The prices sound decent, the lady sounded nice and a security officer must be hired for the dance. Wait, what? That seems a bit quirky to me, and ironic considering one of our groomsmen is a police officer and all-star college running back (i.e. this guy is built and can run). Nevertheless, this place entices more than Whitefish, so I’m going to check out the facilities tomorrow.

Tomorrow also includes a preliminary round up of photographer possibilities.

How cheesy are you?

30 07 2007

I got it. The One. The dream dress. It’s mine. What a glorious way to start my vacation.

My parents picked me up in the Cities today, and we stopped at the Rosedale Mall to look for a dress for my mum for my brother’s wedding, which happens in September. I knew there was a place in the mall because I had visited it just over a year ago. In fact, I saw a dress there that shaped in my mind what I wanted for a dress. I think everything in the store was Alfred Angelo.

Sure enough, we walk up to the store, and deja vu hit me as I looked at the dresses in the window. It seemed as if I were transported back a year looking at this dress that had toyed in the back of my mind for a year. But that’s not why we were there! And it was a bit more than I had planned on spending. As my mom was trying on dresses, the woman running the store found out that I was also getting married as my dad and I were discussing the dress. He knew that there was going to be limited chance of going wedding dress shopping with me (I admit to being a daddy’s girl) so I ended up trying on the dress, expecting heartbreak at not being able to get it. As I’m trying it on, the woman tells me that since it’s my first time in the store, if I order the dress, it will be 20% off, and a sample sale meant I could buy that exact dress for 30% off.

Magic was in the air. The dress fit soooo beautifully, I almost made my dad cry and the wonderful 30% off brought the dress down into a range that I would be more willing to spend. The woman tried to seduce me into getting a veil that was almost $300, but I put my foot down at any more purchases that day.

Overall, the store experience was alright. I still don’t know the lady’s name, but she was a big help to both me and my mom.

But the main thing is…I got my dress! So, without further ado, I will give you a very small sneak peek only. It’s more ivory than this picture shows.

Stuck in the Dress

26 07 2007

I’m stuck.

Two days ago I was on the verge of calling up the woman I met last Saturday and saying I wanted her dress. I felt a bit anxious to have chosen a wedding dress and a bit anxious because it was a David’s Bridal gown and maybe I wanted something a bit more… unique. I also read on Weddingbee of a woman who was lamenting purchasing her dress too quickly. It seems like any decision wedding related besides a reception site (for availability issues) should be carefully weighed upon and chosen slowly.

So here I am, two days later without that wedding dress (and unaware if it’s still available) and still just wanting to have a beautiful and affordable wedding dress chosen.

My dad and I were talking about the dress that I almost bought and his first question was “Does it have a train?” It seems like a pretty normal question, until it hit me that it was strange my dad was asking me that. I was never a girl that had her wedding dress picked out since she was 5, so I know I have never mentioned anything about a train before. So why was he asking? Now my mind a confused mess of whether or not I want a train, whether or not I can live with a David’s Bridal dress (it was so pretty!) and how compulsive I should be.

So my question to the readers (if I had readers and wasn’t just writing this blog for my own sanity) would be – how did you choose your wedding dress? Careful consideration or impulsive purchase?

Harry Potter and the Wedding Dress Choice

23 07 2007

I feel like that’s the crazy title for my weekend.

My weekend almost entirely consisted of Harry Potter and trying on wedding dresses. Strange combination, I know.

I finished Harry Potter. *whew*

Wedding dress shopping, on the other hand, is a different story. I had spent the last week perusing the postings on my local Craigslist and also on Saturday morning, I headed over to Minneapolis to try on a Craigslist dress. The dress is a David’s Bridal gown (seen here – Andy, don’t look!) that the woman bought, left the tags on and then decided to elope and get a different dress.  She’s selling it for $150!! What a steal! So I tried it on, it looked fabulous, but I still wanted to try on more dresses.

Fast forward to Sunday, after I stayed up all night reading, got 4 hours of sleep, my friend and I go out wedding dress shopping. Our first stop was closed (sad! but the only reason we were going was to try on the Disney wedding dresses) so we hit up Bargain Bridal, a store recommended by a friend.

This store was Intense. We didn’t realize we had to make an appointment, so we called up the woman from the store, and she agreed to meet us there. She got stuck in traffic on the way and called to let us know, which I thought was a nice gesture. She got there and we walked in to see a not-very-wide by very-long store packed with wedding dresses. The aisles didn’t really fit two people standing side by side and we couldn’t even reach some of the rows, but that was because they are also in the process of moving, so there was clutter.

The woman, as I said, was really nice though, and knew her dresses! All the dresses were off the rack and the prices ranged from $99-599.  She was very helpful, asked us questions about what we were looking for and was able to recommend dresses, as well as letting us peruse.  There were quite a bit of well, not so nice dresses but also some fantastic ones that usually retail over $1,000. I even got to try on a Diamond dress.

After my partner in crime and I chose enough, we filed into the (one) dressing room. It wasn’t very big, and also cluttered. Apparently you have to be quite okay with stripping down in front of a practical stranger, because a part of her customer service is giving each customer her full attention and help. And helpful she was. She was able to make good suggestions for each dress, and helped us in and out of the dresses. She only dealt with one of us at a time for trying them on, so my friend went first. She had pulled several dresses, but fell in love with the first one she tried on. She tried a couple other ones, but it was obvious that she was already smitten.

The dressing “room” (it was dressing room and show area all in one) had several mirrors, a trellis with flowers, flowers to hold, and she helped us to contemplate different looks by adding a veil and gloves if we wanted. Due to her recommendations, I found out that there are styles of dresses that I would not have dreamed that I liked or looked good in. I realized that maybe the princess look isn’t for me (which kind of saddened me).

Despite the eccentricity of it all, I would definitely recommend this place to someone. There were a lot of fantastic dresses amongst the 80’s-tastic ones for amazing prices. She gave both my friend and I offers lower than what the price tags said. She also has a fantastic alterations recommendation.

In the end, my friend got her wedding dress there.  I did not, though I have not ruled it out.

Two Days

20 07 2007

It has been two days since I resisted an impulse buy on for a wedding dress. Since then I’ve learned that Andy would’ve been okay with an impulse buy if it meant saving money and I can’t stop thinking about the dress!!

The thing is, if I had bought it, would I have regretted never going and actually trying on dresses? Probably. And there’s is no practical reason why I would go and tempt myself with more dresses after doing so.

Ack, what a conundrum.

Wedding or a year of college?

14 06 2007

This article about having a fantasy wedding for cheap mentioned how the average cost of a wedding is skyrocketing towards $30,000, and also closer to the median American income. This got me thinking – would I really want to spend as much as money in one day as I do for an entire year of school where I go to college. For the trappings of one day – absolutely not. I’m fine with a cheaper wedding, some good marriage prep and counseling and being able to afford paying off school and paying rent. Yep, that’s me.