Making a list, checking it twice

2 10 2007

I got to visit the lovely San Francisco for the first time this past week. The event was my brother’s wedding. Andy came along and was also in the wedding. He has only met my brother and his now wife a total of three times before this, and one instance was for a funeral. Nevertheless, Jason needed to recruit guys because I think symmetry was important to this wedding. In the end, they still ended up one guy short.

Since I am bestowed with the goodness of wedding planning, I tend to pay a bit more attention to detail. This was also the first wedding that I’ve gotten to participant in since I don’t know when. I also had many people, upon finding out about our engagement, encourage me to take notes. I didn’t expect encouragement necessarily, but I guess – what else do you say?

In the end, I came up with a list, indeed, of things to remember from this wedding:

  • It’s not okay to bash the bridesmaid dresses two days before the wedding. It’s definitely not kosher to do this at the bachelorette party. Sisters especially should not be complaining if they agreed to do so. (This was not me, simply an … observation)
  • Arriving 8 minutes before the ceremony not in your dress may not be the best idea, but things still manage to work out.
  • An impromptu “Trash the Dress” session in a hot tub while wearing a red bridesmaid dress may turn the pool red.
  • Driving a Mustang convertible through a McDonald’s drive thru in wedding gear is awesome. Driving a Mustang convertible on your wedding day is awesome.
  • The shorter the aisle, apparently the slower you walk.
  • A cocktail hour is a fantastic idea (This was the first I had seen, and it played out beautifully)
  • The wedding party dance should be set to faster music.
  • I hope people read (most) of these as tongue-in-cheek. I loved the wedding and spent most of my time having fun, not making a list of things to remember to do. This list consists of things I reflect back on as generally fantastic times.


Always a bridesmaid

25 09 2007

Last Friday I took off early from work to go pick up bridesmaid dresses for the wedding I’m co-maid of honoring for.

I leave this week for San Francisco for my brother’s wedding (the red dress).  I’m so excited to see my brother get married, and also to visit San Francisco.

I was looking on Craigslist last night and saw people offering half-season ticket packages for the Minnesota Wild hockey team. Being an avid fan, I mentioned this glorious news to my fiance. He gave me the ultimatum (jokingly) of having a photographer at our wedding or going to 20-some Wild games. Tough choice!

It’s Just a Dress…?

20 09 2007

I decided to post pictures from our bridesmaid dress blitz. I apologize for the weird angles – we were at David’s Bridal and they don’t allow pictures unless you’re buying the dress and I didn’t think to ask after we basically confirmed the dresses. So instead I would always “help Crysten unzip” while really just taking a picture.

I was surprised by the variety of styles, especially since I don’t like bubble hems all that much. Picture all dresses in a marine blue or a more tropical blue.

Option 1: This one surprised me but I wasn’t blown completely away


Option 2: I always liked this one online and it looked cute but the fabric was not something I wanted to put my bridesmaids in.


Option 3: This is a bubble hem which was adorable, but this was their only blue color and it didn’t really convince me of… blue. Cute though.

(insert a couple that I didn’t even bother to take pictures of)

Option 4: This is it! For the bridesmaids that aren’t Crysten, they will be wearing this. The more pro looking picture is the color they will be in. This dress rocks.


And finally, the maid/matron of honor dress: The top and bottom are separates and I think the ribbon will actually sit at her hips, but it looked so good on her! (On a side note, the colors that she tried on were black and red and she looked saucy!)


And that’s it! I need to introduce the dresses to the girls. I think I might DIY a newsletter-type announcement so I can put all sorts of info in.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for shoes yet. I think it’d be adorable to have the girls get dyed shoes that match Crysten’s ribbon. David’s Bridal had a sign that said free shoe-dying, but I assume that’s only if you buy their shoes.  Their shoes are a bit spendy for a color that might not get worn again. However, if I think a place like Payless Shoes can make a good color match, I might have them do that.

I’m trying to be a good bride and remember that if I’m on a budget, then the rest of the girls might be too.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

13 09 2007

I ventured out with my MOH this week to David’s Bridal for bridesmaids dresses.

Originally I was leery of going to David’s Bridal at first because it seems like most of what I see are halter tops and strapless, and designs that are all the same. I toyed with the idea of their separates mostly because I love their shades of blue.

Customer service has also been hit or miss at David’s Bridal, whether it is busy or not. I did not want to deal with pushy salespeople, but I wanted some attention to us. I guess I wanted more of a sell than what David’s Bridal can usually provide. I’ll probably post this experience separately.

One gem I found on David’s Bridal site (besides this dress) is a program to “dress your party.” It’s been helpful to see colors next to each other, especially a darker blue dress and a black suit, and also to see bridesmaid dress styles next to what is closest to the style of my dress.

So the actual trip:

The somewhat spacey “wedding consultant” followed us around, grabbing dresses that I thought might be nice. I think I didn’t even really take time to look at about 2 full racks because, well, sometimes you just know.

My MOH modeled the first three, and I wanted to choose each dress. I thought the trip would be disaster because I wouldn’t be able to chose. When she came out styling the one I linked to earlier, I fell in love… again. The first time was through my glowing LCD screen. I even found myself liking a bubble hem.

We found two or three that fit into the category of “it looked pretty online …” Tulle is such a love/hate fabric. There was a fun dress that looked way better than it felt. After this, I felt better about being picky for what I wanted.

My point is – I think I found my bridesmaid dresses!  The fiance approves, the maid of honor approves, so I think I’m good to go! The next challenge is matching a suit style and color with the dark blue that I ultimately chose.


11 09 2007

So when I bought my dress, the woman tried to sell me on this veil, but it was mega-expensive – well, more than I was willing to spend when I could just go to Joann Fabrics, and make one myself! I found out this weekend that my mom called the store a few days after we got the dress and bought me the veil as a surprise! How sweet is that?

It’s been hard to get a lot of planning done in the last few weeks with school starting again (my last semester!) so my updates currently are few:

– I need to start looking for a photographer, stat!

– We officially got our reception site booked! We’ll be at Piney Ridge Resort and Restaurant on the beautiful Whitefish chain of lakes. Before we were debating between Timbermist and Piney Ridge, but for the same price, we could be on the lake!

– Andy may be changing his mind about the tuxes and having the groomsmen get suits that are similar instead. I like this idea.

– My MOH and I are going to look into bridesmaids dresses tonight. For simplicity’s sake (I have a bridesmaid that is touring with a show around the country), I’m going to do David’s Bridal. I can’t decide on doing one color, one dress or choosing a range of blues and having them each get a dress (different or the same) within each of those colors. I think that’d be pretty 🙂  I know there are some brides who say a color and the girls can get a dress from wherever they want, but I don’t know if I’m that risky. Is the shades of blue idea a cool one?

– I’m finishing designing our Save the Dates, sending them to the printer and then I can show them off!

This is disjointed, and I apologize for that.  I’m settling more into classes and new work schedule now so I should be good to post more often.


30 07 2007

Here is a picture of me in my bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding, which now happens in less than two months.