It’s Just a Dress…?

20 09 2007

I decided to post pictures from our bridesmaid dress blitz. I apologize for the weird angles – we were at David’s Bridal and they don’t allow pictures unless you’re buying the dress and I didn’t think to ask after we basically confirmed the dresses. So instead I would always “help Crysten unzip” while really just taking a picture.

I was surprised by the variety of styles, especially since I don’t like bubble hems all that much. Picture all dresses in a marine blue or a more tropical blue.

Option 1: This one surprised me but I wasn’t blown completely away


Option 2: I always liked this one online and it looked cute but the fabric was not something I wanted to put my bridesmaids in.


Option 3: This is a bubble hem which was adorable, but this was their only blue color and it didn’t really convince me of… blue. Cute though.

(insert a couple that I didn’t even bother to take pictures of)

Option 4: This is it! For the bridesmaids that aren’t Crysten, they will be wearing this. The more pro looking picture is the color they will be in. This dress rocks.


And finally, the maid/matron of honor dress: The top and bottom are separates and I think the ribbon will actually sit at her hips, but it looked so good on her! (On a side note, the colors that she tried on were black and red and she looked saucy!)


And that’s it! I need to introduce the dresses to the girls. I think I might DIY a newsletter-type announcement so I can put all sorts of info in.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for shoes yet. I think it’d be adorable to have the girls get dyed shoes that match Crysten’s ribbon. David’s Bridal had a sign that said free shoe-dying, but I assume that’s only if you buy their shoes.  Their shoes are a bit spendy for a color that might not get worn again. However, if I think a place like Payless Shoes can make a good color match, I might have them do that.

I’m trying to be a good bride and remember that if I’m on a budget, then the rest of the girls might be too.




One response

12 03 2009
Kym Grenier

I would like to know where I can find the dress in option 4, on the right, the blue one. I have a wedding in August 2009, and I MUST have that dress. Please let me know where I can find it!!!

Kym Grenier

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