I feel pretty, oh so pretty

13 09 2007

I ventured out with my MOH this week to David’s Bridal for bridesmaids dresses.

Originally I was leery of going to David’s Bridal at first because it seems like most of what I see are halter tops and strapless, and designs that are all the same. I toyed with the idea of their separates mostly because I love their shades of blue.

Customer service has also been hit or miss at David’s Bridal, whether it is busy or not. I did not want to deal with pushy salespeople, but I wanted some attention to us. I guess I wanted more of a sell than what David’s Bridal can usually provide. I’ll probably post this experience separately.

One gem I found on David’s Bridal site (besides this dress) is a program to “dress your party.” It’s been helpful to see colors next to each other, especially a darker blue dress and a black suit, and also to see bridesmaid dress styles next to what is closest to the style of my dress.

So the actual trip:

The somewhat spacey “wedding consultant” followed us around, grabbing dresses that I thought might be nice. I think I didn’t even really take time to look at about 2 full racks because, well, sometimes you just know.

My MOH modeled the first three, and I wanted to choose each dress. I thought the trip would be disaster because I wouldn’t be able to chose. When she came out styling the one I linked to earlier, I fell in love… again. The first time was through my glowing LCD screen. I even found myself liking a bubble hem.

We found two or three that fit into the category of “it looked pretty online …” Tulle is such a love/hate fabric. There was a fun dress that looked way better than it felt. After this, I felt better about being picky for what I wanted.

My point is – I think I found my bridesmaid dresses!  The fiance approves, the maid of honor approves, so I think I’m good to go! The next challenge is matching a suit style and color with the dark blue that I ultimately chose.




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