I am not a ditz

16 08 2007

I don’t even know if I should be admitting this online. Here goes.

I lost my engagement ring tonight. I put it in my pocket because I was at a girls’ night that involved waxing girls legs and eyebrows. Of course, I don’t want it to get all waxy gross. After waxing, I go to visit the fiance before heading home. I get home, am reading a post on Weddingbee about diamond cuts, and go to gaze lovingly at my ring. Only instead I see a blank finger and a realization that my ring is in my shorts pocket. Check shorts pocket. The shorts I chose to wear today do not have good pockets – they are very loose because it’s a stretchy material. Cue to FREAK OUT.

I scared Andy by calling him sobbing after I’ve convinced myself that the ring won’t magically appear in my pocket. He thought someone had died. Nope, just me, sitting on the road by my car, checking the seats and crying.

My mind was reeling with He’sGoingToThinkIDon’tTakeCareOfThings or ThatItDoesn’tMeanMuchToMe or a million other horrible things because that was how I felt. So very beyond horrible.

Andy found it. Drove it over to me at 11:30 at night. Calmed me down. Said he understood a parable from the Bible better, one about a lost gold coin. I’m marrying a wonderful man.

And I’m never taking this ring off again, I swear.




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16 08 2007

Hi! I saw the trackback to your blog on weddingbee and I thought I would stop by. I like your blog and your writing style. Your engagement story is really sweet! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I had a similar experience, losing a ring. Before we were engaged, my then-boyfriend gave me a ring that he made himself, out of fork tines. He had a matching one and we wore them on our left ring fingers. A few months after he gave it to me, it went missing. It had always been a bit loose, but I thought I would notice it if it slipped off. I called him sobbing and spent hours driving around, re-tracing my steps. Even though it was made from a cheap hunk of metal, it meant the world to me, and he told me that he never realized how much it meant to me until I lost. It actually turned up a month later, behind my dresser. When we got engaged, I switched it to my other hand to make room for my new ring, and I still wear it and plan on wearing it forever. πŸ™‚ It’s really scary though!

THEN, two weeks before our weddng, I had to take my e-ring into the jewler because I was getting it soldered to my wedding band, so I switched the fork ring back to my other hand. I went to take the garbage out to our apartment dumpster/compacter, and when I tossed the bag in, my ring flew in with it. I was absoultely horrified, because there were all these signs saying “Do not climb in the trash compacter. Compacter can start at any time.” I called my fiance and he drove over and went in and got it for me. But sheesh. That was scary too.

Sorry for the rediculously long comment, but I wanted to share my ring-losing scariness with you.

16 08 2007


Elsa did the same thing. The crying and the whole bit. She thought I was going to kill her or leave her or something like that. I had the same reaction Andy did. I thought someone was dead. I understand the connection, emotion and symbolism to the ring, but for me (and I think most men) in the end, it’s just a ring! I know women don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth. If you’re alive and still love me, then that’s all I care about. A ring can be replaced, you can’t. Ever.

16 08 2007

Well, I knew it was ridiculous when I crying, but I couldn’t help it. And honestly, besides the whole symbolism thing, I couldn’t help but think that it was a lot of money to just lose.

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