ceremony reading

14 08 2007

Seeing as how our wedding ceremony is (hopefully) going to be outside, I was okay with mixing up a bit of traditional bits with nontraditional bits. Nontraditional? Me? Who knew? 🙂

One of these “bits” is the readings for the ceremony. There are some Biblical readings that I’m pondering, but I really wanted to have at least one non-Biblical reading, in one form or another.

I found one. I read it to my friend the other day, and her face tingled. It is that good. It’s still spiritual, but I think it is beautiful; the language, the sentiment, as it were.

From Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller.

“I will love you, as sure as He loved me. I will discover what I can discover and though you remain a mystery, save God’s own knowledge, what I disclose of you I will keep in the warmest chamber of my heart, the very chamber where God has stowed Himself in me. And I will do this to my death, and to death it may bring me.

I will love you like God, because of God, mighted by the power of God. I will stop expecting your love, demanding your love, trading for your love, gaming for your love. I will simply love. I am giving myself to you, and tomorrow I will do it again. I suppose the clock itself will wear thin its time before I am ended at this altar of dying and dying again.

God risked Himself on me. I will risk myself on you. And together, we will learn to love, and perhaps then, and only then, understand this gravity that drew Him, unto us.”




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