Too close to feel defeated

30 07 2007

I ventured out into the 90+ degree heat today to physically search for a reception site, instead of relying on the internet. I started at a florist/tux rental place to check it out, and it turns out that the owner of the store, whom I went to school with, is getting married in September at a fairly new lodge close by that I had never heard of. It sounded really nice but not quite the caliber or expense of the resorts we had been looking at Inspired, I drove with my mom to check it out.

We came to Whitefish Lodge and Suites, which has an amazing up north, woodsy feel and overlooks a golf course. Their banquet hall seats 300 people, has two dance floors but is otherwise a typical room, nothing special about it. I liked it, and for the first time, it was available for the date I wanted. I also got to see the suites that would be included for the wedding night. I grabbed the information, put a hold on the date and left.

Next we stopped at Deacon’s Lodge, which is mostly golf course, but I thought it’d be a nice location. They seat 100 people at the very most. Scratch that idea.

Last night my parents had told me of a place called Timbermist, which just opened last year I think. I called them up to see if they are available for the date (they are!) and to see what the general set up is like. The prices sound decent, the lady sounded nice and a security officer must be hired for the dance. Wait, what? That seems a bit quirky to me, and ironic considering one of our groomsmen is a police officer and all-star college running back (i.e. this guy is built and can run). Nevertheless, this place entices more than Whitefish, so I’m going to check out the facilities tomorrow.

Tomorrow also includes a preliminary round up of photographer possibilities.




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