How cheesy are you?

30 07 2007

I got it. The One. The dream dress. It’s mine. What a glorious way to start my vacation.

My parents picked me up in the Cities today, and we stopped at the Rosedale Mall to look for a dress for my mum for my brother’s wedding, which happens in September. I knew there was a place in the mall because I had visited it just over a year ago. In fact, I saw a dress there that shaped in my mind what I wanted for a dress. I think everything in the store was Alfred Angelo.

Sure enough, we walk up to the store, and deja vu hit me as I looked at the dresses in the window. It seemed as if I were transported back a year looking at this dress that had toyed in the back of my mind for a year. But that’s not why we were there! And it was a bit more than I had planned on spending. As my mom was trying on dresses, the woman running the store found out that I was also getting married as my dad and I were discussing the dress. He knew that there was going to be limited chance of going wedding dress shopping with me (I admit to being a daddy’s girl) so I ended up trying on the dress, expecting heartbreak at not being able to get it. As I’m trying it on, the woman tells me that since it’s my first time in the store, if I order the dress, it will be 20% off, and a sample sale meant I could buy that exact dress for 30% off.

Magic was in the air. The dress fit soooo beautifully, I almost made my dad cry and the wonderful 30% off brought the dress down into a range that I would be more willing to spend. The woman tried to seduce me into getting a veil that was almost $300, but I put my foot down at any more purchases that day.

Overall, the store experience was alright. I still don’t know the lady’s name, but she was a big help to both me and my mom.

But the main thing is…I got my dress! So, without further ado, I will give you a very small sneak peek only. It’s more ivory than this picture shows.




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2 08 2007

ah! i want more than the sneak peek!

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