Stuck in the Dress

26 07 2007

I’m stuck.

Two days ago I was on the verge of calling up the woman I met last Saturday and saying I wanted her dress. I felt a bit anxious to have chosen a wedding dress and a bit anxious because it was a David’s Bridal gown and maybe I wanted something a bit more… unique. I also read on Weddingbee of a woman who was lamenting purchasing her dress too quickly. It seems like any decision wedding related besides a reception site (for availability issues) should be carefully weighed upon and chosen slowly.

So here I am, two days later without that wedding dress (and unaware if it’s still available) and still just wanting to have a beautiful and affordable wedding dress chosen.

My dad and I were talking about the dress that I almost bought and his first question was “Does it have a train?” It seems like a pretty normal question, until it hit me that it was strange my dad was asking me that. I was never a girl that had her wedding dress picked out since she was 5, so I know I have never mentioned anything about a train before. So why was he asking? Now my mind a confused mess of whether or not I want a train, whether or not I can live with a David’s Bridal dress (it was so pretty!) and how compulsive I should be.

So my question to the readers (if I had readers and wasn’t just writing this blog for my own sanity) would be – how did you choose your wedding dress? Careful consideration or impulsive purchase?




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