24 07 2007

Due to the fiance and my’s inability to find a reception site online that is available for the date we want, I’ve decided to take some time off work early next week to go home and see what I can find. Wish me luck! I’ll update on what I find, or don’t find.

The problem is, I want to have an outdoor wedding. Due to a lot of reasons, we picked April as our month. End of April, to be exact. But no sites seem to be available. If we were to push it up earlier into April, we couldn’t just do the next weekend before, due to a conflict with the pastor’s schedule, we’d have to push it back to April 12.  Eek. That early in Minnesota and you could be asking for a freak snowstorm, no lies. And I really want an outdoor wedding because I don’t have a home church up there.

If we don’t find a reception site, our choices are to change the date and figure out a way to do the ceremony (possibly on the same site as reception) or move the entire affair to the fiance’s hometown. There is a resort that built a new complex that is virtually unbooked, good prices and all that. But the traditional part of me that I didn’t realize I had wants to do the ceremony in my hometown, at my house. When does it become silly to put my foot down for tradition?




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