Harry Potter and the Wedding Dress Choice

23 07 2007

I feel like that’s the crazy title for my weekend.

My weekend almost entirely consisted of Harry Potter and trying on wedding dresses. Strange combination, I know.

I finished Harry Potter. *whew*

Wedding dress shopping, on the other hand, is a different story. I had spent the last week perusing the postings on my local Craigslist and also on ebay.com. Saturday morning, I headed over to Minneapolis to try on a Craigslist dress. The dress is a David’s Bridal gown (seen here – Andy, don’t look!) that the woman bought, left the tags on and then decided to elope and get a different dress.  She’s selling it for $150!! What a steal! So I tried it on, it looked fabulous, but I still wanted to try on more dresses.

Fast forward to Sunday, after I stayed up all night reading, got 4 hours of sleep, my friend and I go out wedding dress shopping. Our first stop was closed (sad! but the only reason we were going was to try on the Disney wedding dresses) so we hit up Bargain Bridal, a store recommended by a friend.

This store was Intense. We didn’t realize we had to make an appointment, so we called up the woman from the store, and she agreed to meet us there. She got stuck in traffic on the way and called to let us know, which I thought was a nice gesture. She got there and we walked in to see a not-very-wide by very-long store packed with wedding dresses. The aisles didn’t really fit two people standing side by side and we couldn’t even reach some of the rows, but that was because they are also in the process of moving, so there was clutter.

The woman, as I said, was really nice though, and knew her dresses! All the dresses were off the rack and the prices ranged from $99-599.  She was very helpful, asked us questions about what we were looking for and was able to recommend dresses, as well as letting us peruse.  There were quite a bit of well, not so nice dresses but also some fantastic ones that usually retail over $1,000. I even got to try on a Diamond dress.

After my partner in crime and I chose enough, we filed into the (one) dressing room. It wasn’t very big, and also cluttered. Apparently you have to be quite okay with stripping down in front of a practical stranger, because a part of her customer service is giving each customer her full attention and help. And helpful she was. She was able to make good suggestions for each dress, and helped us in and out of the dresses. She only dealt with one of us at a time for trying them on, so my friend went first. She had pulled several dresses, but fell in love with the first one she tried on. She tried a couple other ones, but it was obvious that she was already smitten.

The dressing “room” (it was dressing room and show area all in one) had several mirrors, a trellis with flowers, flowers to hold, and she helped us to contemplate different looks by adding a veil and gloves if we wanted. Due to her recommendations, I found out that there are styles of dresses that I would not have dreamed that I liked or looked good in. I realized that maybe the princess look isn’t for me (which kind of saddened me).

Despite the eccentricity of it all, I would definitely recommend this place to someone. There were a lot of fantastic dresses amongst the 80’s-tastic ones for amazing prices. She gave both my friend and I offers lower than what the price tags said. She also has a fantastic alterations recommendation.

In the end, my friend got her wedding dress there.  I did not, though I have not ruled it out.




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