Scary Moments abound…

20 07 2007

I went online to the website that we will be ordering our invitations from (remember we had already chosen them), and start clicking through all the invites to find ours… And I couldn’t find it! I looked through all the Wedding Invitation categories and all the Wedding Stationery – Seal -n- Send Invitation categories.


I don’t know if they are out of stock and I will definitely do some more sleuthing before I give up on the invites we wanted. We both really agreed on those invitations and now we might have to start the process over to find another we like! Apparently if the book is out of date, there is no use looking through that and getting my hopes up again. Thank God for the tubes of the internet!

**Update 1: My wonderful fiance contacted the company right away to see if the invitations are indeed, out of stock or discontinued. The sad thing is, our second choice is also no longer on the website.

**Update 2: Apparently we can still order them, we just have to do it via phone or fax. While it’s good that they are still available, I’m much more willing to trust the internet to order then a fax (which always seem to smudge) or via phone (which means things might get misspelled easier).




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