Wedding Party, mostly check; Date, not checked

19 07 2007

I have asked all of my wedding party, save one, to be a part of my special day.  I’ve put it off for awhile because I wanted to get a date set (and it hasn’t happened, although the month has).  I also hoed and hummed about how many people I wanted to have, how many Andy wanted and trying to figure out a number that worked for both of us without upsetting anybody. That was the hope. So far, it seems to be okay. It is thrilling to hear that people are so excited to be in our wedding! I’m glad I didn’t rush out and ask people, because things have changed, even in a month and a half.  By the way, the final count was 5 on each side.

The reason we don’t have a date set is because our entire month changed from June to April. Since I really want an outdoor wedding (in my parent’s backyard), I wanted to do the end of April. However, every site that we have looked at in the area is either completely booked for the entire weekend of April 26 or is ridiculously expensive for our budget.

I hope to get this reception deal nailed down soon. Oh yeah, and begin my dress shopping 🙂




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