11 06 2007

Hello world! As an avid reading of Weddingbee, I wanted chronicle my own wedding planning, marriage preparation experience. So, here it is. I have been engaged for less than a week, I don’t have an official date or location yet, but I’m excited.

The story:

Last Wednesday, I was taking him out to eat when I got done with work, and he with his Master’s classes. He said he had to go to the library first. When we got in there, he brought me over to the children’s reading corner (quick backstory: when we took an undergrad. class together, he had 30 little kids sing happy birthday in this corner months before we started dating), sat me down and pulled out a homemade book. He had written a children-esque story of our story, a friend illustrated it, and he had it bound. So he’s reading, and I’m getting distracted by the pictures and not paying 100% attention, meaning when he gets down on one knee, I’m blown away.

In true “me” fashion, I giggled, he cried and I said yes.




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